The Sea From Whence We Came - Installation Shot MDI Biological Laboratory by Artist Kimberly Callas

Sculptor Kimberly Callas Receives Maine Arts Commission Project Grant to turn Ecological Portrait into Bronze.

I’m pleased to announce that I recently received a Maine Arts Commission Project Grant to cast one of my ecological portraits into bronze. After working for many years with transient material, such as birch bark and wasp paper, I am struck by my emotional response to the longevity of this traditional material and the possibility that this work will be able to effect generations beyond my life time.

The grant will go towards completing a bronze cast of my ‘ecological portrait’ of scientist James Coffman, Ph.D. titled The Sea From Whence We Came. Many of you may be familiar with this project and/or have contributed to it through my Portrait of the Ecological Self Hatchfund Campaign. Jim and I have been collaborating since Feb. 2015, responding to his research on the effects of early chronic stress. The portrait is inspired by Jim’s research and his test organism, the zebra fish. The current exhibit is up until September 30th, 2015. The final bronze portrait will be completed this winter and exhibited at the 2016 Art Meets Science Exhibit at MDI Biological Laboratory.

I’m grateful to the Maine Arts Commission for helping to bring this art and science collaboration project to completion.

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