Piano Roll Project

Piano Roll Project: Shared Sensibilities

Piano Roll Project
I’ve been invited to participate in an upcoming exhibition, “Piano Rolls: Shared Sensibilities” Over twenty artists, working in Maine and outside Maine, will alter a player piano roll for this exhibition. The piano rolls are a beautiful material.  Artists are being asked to enhance the rolls intrinsic value through their artistic sensibility.

Each roll is approximately 12” wide and 30 feet long, and comes on a roll with wooden ends and fits in a box. Most rolls have the words to the song running vertically down one side of the roll, and its own unique pattern of cut-out shapes that guide the piano to play the music for the song.

The rolls may be altered in any way – it is open ended, except that the roll must fit back into the box when it is done. Rolls may be mounted horizontally or vertically, or other engineered shapes. Artists are invited to feel free to paint, draw, cut, tear, affix, collage, write, sew, weave…… whatever is inspired by these beautiful objects.

The exhibit will take place at the Museum LA in Auburn, Maine in the upstairs industrial loft exhibition space. The exhibit opens July 16th with a closing reception gala  – October 30th, 2015.

Museum LA: www.museumla.org Bates Mill Complex, 35 Canal St, Lewiston, ME 04240

Participating Artists:

Mary Armstrong, Krisanne Baker, Lucinda Bliss, Kimberly Callas, Jim Chute, Stoney Conley, Alan Crichton, Gayle Fraas/Duncan Slade, Nancy Glassman, Paula Heisen, Stew Henderson, Jung Hur, Joël LeVasseur, Amy Lowry Heather, Lyon Dan Mills, Tyler Mills, Judy Perry, Jan Piribeck, Jim Provenzano, Ellen Roberts, Pam Smith, Barbara Sullivan, Kathleen Sweeney, Byron Tucker, Jeanne Wells, Kristin Malin, Gail Skudera