Overlord - SRO Gallery

“Overlord” SRO Gallery June 3-June 30, 2016

NEW YORK Brooklyn
June 3 – June 30, 2016
Opening Reception: June 3rd 6-9

This June, I’ll have work included in Overlord, an exhibit curated by artist Kenny Cole.

“Overlord” is a group exhibition curated by artist Kenny Cole.

http://kennycole.com/ http://srogallery.com/upcoming/

Gallery Hours: Saturday/Sunday 1-­‐6 and by appointment.

Dystopian in its vision, Overlord, is an exhibit structured in the present, conjuring the possibility of a sci-­‐fi fantasy closer than we would like to admit. Such a starting point becomes the curators reference and identity; teasing out the undercurrents, the guts, that lie within our global society.

With eyes fixed on the heavens or headily towards the depths of the earth, we find ourselves engaged in the realities and myths of our times. Expressing a greater empathetic vision seems to be our task; evident in the endurance necessary to navigate our exposed vulnerability through forces beyond our control, whether these forces be political, religious or personal.

Kenny Cole is an artist living and working in Maine.

Overlord is part of a series of pop up exhibits Cole curated in Belfast Maine entitled Narratives, which engages locally (Maine) sourced small works with globally sourced art that he feels strongly addresses the ongoing narratives of our times.


Participating artists

Jeffrey Ackerman, Melinda Barnes, Jennifer Beinhacker, Kimberly Callas, Kenny Cole, Maryjean Crowe, Don Doe, Robert Egert, Rodney Ewing, Fabian Häusermann, Kat Johnson, Walter Kopec, Paula Lalala, Matt Lock, Ben Marra, Na Hye Ryung, Lara Nasser, Niklas Nenzen, Ben Potter, Terrence Sanders, Amy Stacey Curtis, Alice Sfintesco, Nora Tryon, Aleksandra Waliszewska, Kathy Weinberg, Stephen Whisler

For more images and to view more of Cole’s work: http://kennycole.com/narratives/overlord/1

SRO GALLERY | 1144 Dean Street, Brooklyn, NY 11216

HOURS: Saturday and Sunday 1-6pm
and by appointment