Night Swimmers (Entanglement)

Artist Statement

The Climate Crisis isn’t just a crisis for physical and environmental reasons, it’s a profound cosmological upheaval that challenges our understanding of the world and our role within it. It represents a crisis of meaning, where familiar frameworks falter in the face of unprecedented change. While scientists and activists labor tirelessly to safeguard species, landscapes, and ecosystems, they recognize that the solution requires more than scientific knowledge alone. What’s imperative now is a profound shift in consciousness—a collective awakening to the interconnectedness of all life and the urgent need for sustainable coexistence.

Through her artwork and social practice, Kimberly Callas endeavors to cultivate a symbolic consciousness aimed at fostering new belief systems that promote vitality and sustainability. Her artwork brings together the individual and the universal, fusing specific locales, species, and individuals with broader, nature-infused cultural symbols and archetypes, such as the Ocean, Moon, or Horizon Line. While acknowledging the primacy of the ocean in climate regulation and stability, its role as habitat, and the issues of massive plastic waste; Callas also refers to the ocean as a symbol for the cosmos, and the deep unconscious, the psyche that tosses up new meaning for us onto the shore.

This current exhibition, Night Swimmers (Entanglement), is part of a larger series of work titled Ocean Bodies that will be exhibited as a solo show at Monmouth University, New Jersey, USA, in 2025. Ocean Swimmers was created while in residence at the Art Quarter Budapest.

Entanglement for both the ecological reality of our ‘entanglement’ with all species and eco-systems on the earth and a reference to one of the deadliest threats to the severely endangered species, the Northern Right Whale, that features prominently within her Ocean Bodies series.


Dear Art Friends,

I want to give you an update on my ongoing residency with Arts Quarter Budapest and invite you, if you are in the neighborhood, to the final exhibit on March 26th at 6pm. Following the opening will be a performance by Bo Wiget,,  a composer and cellist. In the adjoining gallery, will be an exhibit of paintings by fellow resident Melanie Ludwig,

My exhibit will include a series of four-foot graphite drawings of vertical night swimmers. This work builds on my Ocean Bodies project that I began as an artist-in-residence with the Urban Coast Institute.

Here are some work in progress images from the studio.