Honey-Eyed Sculpture Reviewed in Art New England

Kimberly Callas, Honey-Eyed, 3D-printed mask: PLA filament, yellow and black iron oxide, acrylic and wax, 10 x 7 x 3.5″

Honey-Eyed Sculpture Reviewed in Art New England | Maine Farmland Trust’s Season of Art

From the review: “As a whole the exhibition is preoccupied with the Maine’s seasonal extremes of abundance or lack thereof, even in works that operate on a more internal plane. Part of Kimberly Callas’ larger oeuvre of masks exploring the “ecological self,” Honey-eyed is at once hermetic and complex. The mysterious honeycomb pattern invokes pollen-making bees, but the form seems chewed at the edges and empty. Are the bees and honey hidden deep inside for winter, or is this colony collapse disorder? There is no answer, only a blank stare”.