“Great Spirits Among Us: Saints, Prophets, Holy People” Exhibit

Kimberly Callas, Birch Bark Breathing, Cast Plaster, Birch Bark, 14” x 8” x 10”, Photography by William Thuss
Kimberly Callas, Birch Bark Breathing, Cast Plaster, Birch Bark, 14” x 8” x 10”, Photography by William Thuss


“Great Spirits Among Us:  Saints, Prophets, Holy People,” an exhibition of visual arts, showcases the goodness at the heart of every human person.

The exhibit opens Saturday, September 24, 2016, 2-5pm with live music and refreshments, provided by the Metuchen Inn, and is free and open to the public.   Presentations and an Artists’ Conversation will take place at 3pm.  Nails in the Wall, the Gallery at St. Luke’s, the Metuchen exhibition space sponsored by St. Luke’s Episcopal Church, 17 Oak Ave., Metuchen, NJ, will begin its fifth year with this exhibit, showing work by 44 artists across the country and Austria. While the exhibit was planned some two years in advance, the Gallery sees it as a wonderful antidote to the toxic socio-political environment in which we find ourselves.

The exhibit is a powerful, inclusive mix of 70 pieces of art.  Human personhood, the best of who we are, expressed through realistic human images are presented in this exhibit through a great variety of media, from bronze, wood and ceramic sculpture, to a handmade book; from collage and watercolor to drawings and oil paintings.   And yes, there are images of those who are recognizable as ‘holy people’…of course, Michigan artist Alexander Zorin’s “Francis of Assisi” is there, but so are photographs of local children, by Nadira Husain.  And a stunning toray print of the African American Civil Rights Activist Fanny Lou Hammer by Onnie Strother of East Orange, NJ is right there with that other female change-maker Joan of Arc, an oil painting by San Francisco artist Adrianne Sherman.

There is work with a distinctly Jewish flavor, as in Michigan artist Saralee Howard’s “Teaching the Torah,” and those that speak of Hindu origins, the photographic tryptik of Highland Park, NJ artist John Marron.

Notes, Gallery Director Linda Vonderschmidt-LaStella, “As the exhibit that opens our fifth year, I believe this show really speaks clearly to the mission of Nails in the Wall, the Gallery at St. Luke’s:  to bring together high quality art, both local and international, around very broad human-spiritual themes.”

The exhibit continues on view through Dec. 31, 2016; check www.nailsinthewall.org for daily open times.