Artist Kimberly Callas Receives The Pollination Project Grant for Discovering the Ecological Self


The Pollination Project, a nonprofit foundation that gives $1000 a day, every day, to individual change-makers and activists worldwide, awarded a grant to Kimberly Callas creator of the project Discovering the Ecological Self.

Discovering the Ecological Self is a social practice project by artist Kimberly Callas designed to uncover our deep relationship with nature through reflection on personally and culturally significant nature-based images and symbols. Participants explore symbols, such as mountains, caves, bees or honeycomb through various art-making techniques, research and journaling to better understand personal and universal meanings. In order to foster environmental stewardship and create environmental leaders, participants then take their newfound knowledge and create ways to share their discovery through art exhibits, performance and environmental actions.

“Thank you, Pollination Project, for believing in my work and the impact this work has on helping to heal the great disconnect between humans and nature,” said Callas. “This grant will help purchase the art supplies that we use to explore the nature-based images and symbols.”

The Pollination Project gives seed grants to projects that benefit people, the planet, and animals in areas like environmental sustainability, social justice, community health and wellness, arts, and education. To view a full list of recipients to date please see:

To participate in Discovering the Ecological Self take the introductory survey to find images and patterns from nature that are significant to you! These surveys help us explore a range of topics in our artworks.

About The Pollination Project

The Pollination Project awards $1000 in seed grants every day to individual changemakers and activists who are working to make the world – or their own community – a better, more peaceful, just and more sustainable place. The Pollination Project is a platform for investing directly in committed people who just need a little money to launch their social change vision. For more information or to apply please visit