3D Net 2 (Yellow and Black Line)-575H
DETAIL-3D Net 2 (Yellow and Black Line)View1-575H
DETAIL-3D Net 2 (Yellow and Black Line)View2-575H
DETAIL-3D Net 2 (Yellow and Black Line)View3-575H
DETAIL-3D Net 2 (Yellow and Black Line)View4-575H
3D Net 3 (White on Color)-575H
DETAIL-3D Net 3 (White on Color)View1-575H
DETAIL-3D Net 3 (White on Color)View2-575H
3D Net 11 (White on Black)575H
DETAIL_3D Net 11 (White on Black)575H
3D Net 5 (White Line)-575H
DETAIL-3D Net 5 (White Line)View1-575H
DETAIL-3D Net 5 (White Line)View2-575H
DETAIL-3D Net 5 (White Line)View3-575H
DETAIL-3D Net 5 (White Line)View4-575H
3D Net 7 (Thick Painterly)
DETAIL-3D Net 7 (Thick Painterly)-View2
DETAIL-3D Net 7 (Thick Painterly)-View3
3D Net 1 (Red and Yellow)-575H
DETAIL-3D Net 1 (Red and Yellow)-View1-575H
DETAIL-3D Net 1 (Red and Yellow)-View2-575H
DETAIL-3D Net 1 (Red and Yellow)-View3-575H
3D Net 8 (Moving Green)-575H
DETAIL-3D Net 8 (Moving Green)-View1-575H
DETAIL-3D Net 8 (Moving Green)-View2-575H
DETAIL-3D Net 8 (Moving Green)-View4-575H
3D Net 6 (Low Yellow)-575H
DETAIL-3D Net 6 (Low Yellow)View 2-575H
3D Net 9 (Butterfly Fish)575H
DETAIL-3D Net 9 (Butterfly Fish)-View3-575H
DETAIL-3D Net 9 (Butterfly Fish)View2-575H
3D Net 4 (Blue Green Yellow)-575H
DETAIL-3D Net 4 (Blue Green Yellow)View1-575H
DETAIL-3D Net 4 (Blue Green Yellow)View3-575H
3D Net 10 (Black-on-Black)575H
DETAIL_3D Net 10 (Black-on-Black)575H

The Nets

3D printed ‘nets’ over colored papers on board. 6×6″, 2024
(This is a selection of artwork that will be in an upcoming exhibit at Monmouth University, titled “Ocean Bodies” in January, 2025. Please sign up for my newsletter for more information.)

My recent series of artwork, featuring 3D printed nets over colored backgrounds, delves into the intricate relationship between natural patterns and human experiences.

This series reflects my interest in how patterns of flow and growth are impacted by life, by pressing in or pressing out. Each pattern, each net, is a unique response to its own circumstance, environment, and opportunities, reflecting the resilience and adaptability of life itself. Nature’s patterns repeat, but each time with a new response to its own circumstance, environment, and its own “pressing.” Each desire unfolds uniquely, based on its own opportunity or stressor, repeating but never the same.